Limited time gifts for special holidays!

Our limited time Christmas Bundles are here for the holidays! ALL BUNDLES ARE MADE TO ORDER.

Christmas Bath Bundle 2022

Bath Bundle: $25

This bundle comes with a bath bomb, soap, body puff, and our face cream!

Christmas Health & Wellness Bundle 2022

Healing Bundle: $80

The best bundle for healing inside and out! This bundle is a mix and match. Choose your tincture, one ounce salve, 800mg lotion, and bath bomb.

Christmas Smoker Bundle 2022

Smoker’s Bundle: $20

This bundle comes with an eighth of our whole-plant smokable hemp, a handcrafted pip, and some rolling papers.

Pet Bundle

Pet Bundle: $20

For your furry friends! This bundle has our bestselling pet drops, 20 count bag of infused treats, and a squeaky toy!