Jara Elements 

🐘Bringing Multiple Elements Into One Sacred Place For All🐘

Handcrafted and customizable CBD products made in house.

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All of our products are handcrafted in-house

CBD Tinctures

CBD Capsules & tinctures are both terpene enhanced for maximum benefits. Choose from seven profiles plus natural. Both CBD capsules and CBD tinctures come in whole plant or broad spectrum (THC-Free) options. CBD Tinctures come in 15ml and 30ml sizes. CBD capsules come in 40mg whole plant oil, or 25mg CBD (derived from broad spectrum oil) for a THC-Free option. 30 capsules per bottle.

CBD Skin Care

CBD skin care products use infusion blends created from our own in-house extraction processes. CBD topicals with natural herbs working holistically, All herbs listed are extracted in-house because we believe adding other herbs besides hemp provides much greater results. The herbs work synergistically with one another, amplifying their individual benefits. This results in some of the most powerful topical blends.

CBD Bath Products

Bath bombs and soaps infused with 50mg of CBD, each color helps with relaxation, supporting pain, and keeps skin soft and hydrated! Free matching body puff comes with a purchase of a bath bomb and soap!

Pet Element

Finding relief for your furry friends have never been easier, or more cost-effective! We offer drops, a spray, and treats that work for all animals including dogs, cats, and even horses!

Supplement Element

Our supplement element has herbal supplements and mushroom supplements. Like everything else, our supplements are handcrafted in our lab and herbs/mushrooms are extracted in-house. All supplements are 100% Vegan!

Glass Element

Handcrafted local glass pieces and accessories. Including pipes, bongs, straws, and more! Because each piece is handcrafted and unique, no two are the same. Find one that matches your personality!

The Jaraphant, Why Jara?

The elephant herd is lead by the oldest female known as the matriarch. Matriarchs are born of matriarchs, but not all daughters will become one. Only the wisest and bravest one will become the next leader. Not all are born to lead. The matriarch will pass down her wisdom to her most trustworthy daughter. The saying “an elephant never forgets” applies to the entire herd, for generations. Matriarchs are masters of passing down wisdom. Wisdom that was passed down to them as well as their own life experience. Jamie is truly a matriarch among us. Using her life experiences, health challenges, and unique view of our world, Jamie shares her life and wisdom with us through Jara Elements.

We’re asked all the time, “What does Jara mean?” Well, in Turkish, Jara means “strong;” in Sanskrit, Jara means “mother.” The Urban Dictionary defines Jara as “the best bitch ever” and describes her as “stunning, a great dancer, and great in bed,” warning she is “very dangerous,” which makes her “irresistible.”

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About the Creator, Jamie Kropp

Jamie Kropp, the creator and founder of Jara Elements, is nothing less than the sum of those definitions. When she moved to Colorado in 2013 to get a medical marijuana recommendation for her autistic son, Kolt, his quality of life improved so much Jamie now leverages her non-profit organization, 420autism, to advocate politically and personally.

What Customers Say About Us

We have been an established retail business for a little over three years! Here are what our existing customers have to say about us.

Media Appearances

Prior to Jara Elements, Jamie Kropp and her family has been advocating in Colorado. Here’s a look at what has been accomplished since 2018 and how Jara Elements came to be.