March 2024

🐇Welcome Spring as we March forward!🐇

In ancient times, March was the first month on the calendar because this month represents the birth of the Earth. Bringing Spring, March represents rebirth & renewal, balance, fertility, purification, inner strength, spiritual awakening, compassion, reconciliation, transition, and growth.

March 10: New Moon

The energy of the March New Moon is amplified by the arrival of Spring, enhancing potency for manifestation and growth. As this moon offers a fresh start to release old patterns and energies that no longer serve us, it also encourages us to set our intentions, plant seeds, and initiate new beginnings. Now is the time to set intentions for spiritual evolution and transformation, gearing up for the Lunar Eclipse.

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a reminder of power, faith, resilience, and the ability to overcome challenges. the shamrock symbolizes unity, interconnectedness, and the diine presence. As Spring approaches, we are encouraged to manifest abundance, embrace cultural traditions, and trust in the universe for luck and good fortune.

March 19: Spring Equinox

The balance of light and darkness symbolizes the awakening of life, renewal, and rebirth after Winter’s dormancy. Today is the best day to tune into the rhythms of nature, plant seeds for manifestations, and align intentions with the flow of universal energy. This is the time of balance, both within ourselves and in the natural world.

March 25: Worm Moon and Lunar Eclipse

The Worm Moon is named because as temperatures thaw out, earthworms become more active and emerge from the soil. This signifies the beginning of Spring and the renewal of life. Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse mirrors the process of uncovering hidden truths and moving forward. During the eclipse, we focus on releasing negative energies and setting intentions for growth and transformation.

March 31: Easter

Easter represents renewal, rebirth, and the triumph of light over darkness. The Easter egg itself represents new life and fertility. As we move forward in Spring, we must focus on forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, and resurrect hope and love within our communities.